In this age of social media the influence of written content is being shifted to the visual content. This is because of the overflow of information in the social media platforms.

To make the content effective it has become necessary to make it visual so that people can understand it better in short amount of time. This is the reason many people have stopped reading long articles and blogs.

Now people want something short which would be able to provide the exact amount of information but through the visual medium.

Following are some of the reasons which make visual content to be more important than the written content in 2019.

Users Prefer visual content

Just like we have discussed before, due to increase in the information on the internet it is getting hard to digest it many times.

Visual Content Efficacy

This makes it important for the creators to provide the information in such a way that it can be easily processed. This is the reason images and videos are more preferred over the usual written content.

This medium has the ability to convey information in a more convenient and effective manner.

Increases Views

When people are preferring the visual content then it shows that this type of content will attract more views.

So if you are a marketer or any sort of brand promoter then conveying your message through a visual medium will get more engagement which is great for your brand or business.

According to studies made on the visual content of social media platforms it showed that 94% of views are generated when there is a visual element used in a post.

Improves the engagement level

Communicating through visual medium creates more interactions which is the reason social media marketers are highly invested into creating attractive marketing campaigns so that they can boost up their engagement level. 37 % of engagement is increased when there is a compelling visual element in the whole post.

This is why it is highly recommended for all the users of every type to put their focus more on the visual content.

Influential Video Medium

Videos are also better when it is compared to images for many things like when there is a short video which is focusing on promoting a product or service there are more chances that people will get influenced by it.

Nowadays the videos are also not very long, all the marketing agencies are going for really short videos which are up to a 2 to 3 minute in total length in which they are marketing their content in a more effective way.

Attractive graphics and good animations skills are needed to convey your important message and to squeeze into a short video.


The visual content will get more and more influential. It will incorporate with our everyday life which is still going on.

Different educational fields are also adapting this approach to teach students in a more influential way.