YouTube, the biggest platform of video streaming:

YouTube has been providing free videos to the world since a long time. It has become the largest platform that provides videos regarding everything such as music, educational videos, lectures, cartoons, funny clips, etc. People now rely on YouTube for watching any kind of clip or video they want. In today’s time, the music industry has reached has reached its height. Music is being streamed more than ever. YouTube is giving the audience the advantage of watching all kinds of music videos for completely free. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry released a report that said that a total of 47% of overall music consumption is occurring on YouTube. Another recent report on music consumption also found the same results. It said that 52% of on-demand streaming of music takes place over the video. Several findings show that with each passing year, YouTube is becoming the largest platform to provide the people with video streaming of all kind. There may be other platforms that stream videos for the audience but YouTube has been on the top for giving everyone this benefit of watching free streaming videos.

YouTube, through the video streaming, has given many people all over the world to earn money. People create different kinds of videos and upload them on YouTube. The app also keeps a check on what kind of content is being uploaded. If the content is somehow offending or targeted to any group of people, YouTube doesn’t allow its appearance. All kinds of entertaining videos show up there. If anyone missed a show on TV, he or she can easily watch it on YouTube. The reason huge number of people watch videos on YouTube is because it let them watch those for completely free. People make their own channels, gain youtube views, and also become popular through YouTube.

Since its creation in the year 2005, YouTube has been providing the service of streaming videos and sharing information in a new way. Video streaming on YouTube has provided huge number of benefits to all kinds of people. Students can now watch free lectures on any subject they want, kids watch their favorite cartoons, women watch different household tips, etc. Audios can’t serve different purposes so videos become necessary, and this need is best fulfilled by YouTube. There is no limit of categories one watch a video on. You just type it on the search bar and the app takes you to thousands of different related videos you may want to watch. Being the biggest platform for streaming videos, YouTube doesn’t let you search for any other app that is a step ahead of it, simply because you won’t be able to find it. When all things are found on one app, why searching for any other. Thus, people find YouTube to be an all-rounder that let them watch anything they want.