Instagram is the fastest growing social platform that recently it the milestone of 1 billion user base. Moreover, it has 700 million active users more than Twitter. Instagram followers and likes are the major reasons why people are obsessed with this photo sharing application. Everyone wants to get an appreciation for their posts and become Instagram famous. If you are also in one of them then look no further and follow our guide on how to get Instagram likes.

How to get Instagram followers and likes

  • Share aesthetically pleasing photos
  • Tell a Story with Your Caption
  • Use a Consistent Filter
  • Be Yourself
  • Use bright color tones
  • Be unique
  • Appeal to a Wider Audience
  • Be funny
  • Take Advantage Of geotags

Share Aesthetically pleasing photos

People are likely to hit like button more when they see visually appealing photo. All you need to put some extra efforts into the images. Make sure to use a natural light source to take the shot.

Tell a Story with Your Caption

The caption has signification importance on Instagram because it adds the value to your post. There is no character limit for the caption on Instagram unlike microblogging site Twitter. Become a storyteller and give a chance to your followers to know more about you by telling a story. An appealing photo pair with compelling caption is the killer combo to entice the audience.

Use a Consistent Filter

buy real instagram followersIf you want to build a unique identity of your brand on Instagram then use the consistent filter with your photos. There is a variety of filter to choose from on Instagram. Pick one or two and stick to them. It will create a theme for your feed and give your brand a unique recognition that in turns give you plenty of likes and followers.

Be Yourself

Sometimes people feel you are fake when you use too much-edited photos and filters. So try to be real and be yourself. Let them see the real you by sharing raw photos.

Use Bright colors tones

The recent studies indicate that blue color is the dominant color on Instagram. If you use it in your images, the number of likes will be increased by 24 percent.

Be Unique

People always love to see unique things. Being unique on Instagram can give you a lot of benefits. Consider posting content that you think it‘ll be interesting for your audience.

Appeal to a Wider Audience

Don’t use that type of content that draw the attention of specific users i.e. knitting images etc. You must share that type of photos that have the ability to appeal to the wider audience. It is a good way to increase your post engagement (likes and comments).

Be Funny

People love to see humorous content that makes them laugh their heart out. Don’t hesitate to share silly content and show your witty side.

Take Advantage Of locations and hashtags.

Explore some most visited locations and popular location hashtags from your city and check out the post of top account. This way, you can connect with new people and that are nearby.