AdBlock is a desktop only extension and AdBlock Plus is a mobile and desktop extension. Adblock resembles a white hand and Adblock plus resembles the ‘ABP’ on a stop sign. In this article, you can discover how to disable Adblock from website and mobile. Read on to learn more!

How to Disable AdBlock on a Site:

Open a browser: open the browser that you are using on daily basis in order to disable the extension of Adblock on a particular website.

Open the website: open the site on which you want to disable the extension of Adblock. For instance, if you want to disable Adblock on TechCrunch, go to the

Now open the extension View of your browser:

Almost all browsers have a section where you can see the extension icon that you have installed in your browser. Below are some commonly used browsers, to do so:

Google Chrome: Click on the menu on the right side of the screen. You will see the Adblock icon on the menu (at right side)

Firefox: At Firefox, you can see the Adblock icon in the right side of the page.

Edge: if you are unable to see the Adblock icon in the right corner of the window then you need to click on the extension button, click on Adblock and then click the show button, now you can see the Adblock icon there.

Safari: On Safari, Adblock icon is on the left side of the browser’s page (left to the address bar)


Click the “AdBlock” icon: The Adblock icon has a resemblance with a red stop sign and it has a white hand on that red sign. Click on it then you will see drop down menu.

Click don’t run on pages: Click on the option ‘don’t run on pages’ on the same domain. You can find this option at the bottom of the menu. Then open the pop-up window.

Adjust the pages:

Next up is to adjust the pages on which you need to disable the Adblock. All you need to click and drag the slider of the website in order to increase the number of website’ variation. Now click and drag the page’ slider to the right side will swiftly Adblock to ignore certain pages on the website instead of all pages on the website. But not all the websites need adjustment.

Click on option Exclude: You can see this option at the bottom of the window (right corner). Now, save the changes and disable the Adblock for your selected pages and websites.

How to Disabling Adblock Plus on Mobile:

Open Adblock Plus: Click on the Adblock plus application which has a stop sign and letter ‘ABP’ is written across the sign. The Adblock plus is not available on Android phones and Adblock hasn’t any mobile application.

Click on Settings icon: Tap on the settings, you can see it at the bottom of your screen and open the settings page.

Tap on “Adblock Plus”: You can see this option at the top of the screen. When you will tap on that option, it will turn white. Now, the Adblock plus has been disabled. Hope you find it easy that how to disable Adblock from site and mobile.