Chocolate is considered as a part of the healthy diet because of its benefits it provides to the human body but this does not mean that every type of chocolate and on the regular basis is good for your health. There are many types of chocolates that are not pure dark chocolates due to which they are not good for your health to begin with. When it comes to dark chocolate, it is good for your health, there is no need to eat it on the regular basis.

Sometimes adding it in your diet is good for your health. The pure dark chocolate is good for your heart rate too as dark chocolate consists of rich antioxidants which are also called flavonoids. These antioxidants reduce the sugar level in the body by dilating the blood vessels which is great for the circulation of blood flow. Risks of heart attack and stiffening in arteries is reduced due to take in of dark chocolate in your diet.

Cocoa beans & Caffeine

Chocolate is produced from cocoa beans which naturally consists of caffeine. Caffeine is also present in coffee which is not good for your heart especially if you take in on the regular basis.

Studies have shown that too much caffeine can fasten up your heart rate which is not good for an average healthy heart. A person has to take in too much dark chocolate in order to have an effect as the same when the person takes in strong black coffee.


There are some people who are allergic to chocolate so for those people it is highly important to stay away from the chocolate or anything that contains chocolate. If you experience any type of symptoms due to the allergy, go and get a check up from the doctor because many times allergies can be fatal to the people.

Antioxidants, Fats & Cholesterol in Chocolate

If you eat milk chocolate regularly then it is very bad for your health because the milk chocolate is less in antioxidants and rich in fat which is a big cause in increasing weight for so many people. So it is recommended not to take in milk chocolate along your diet. Go for the dark chocolate sometimes which is really good for your health.

There are some other benefits of dark chocolate such as improvement in brain function, it is very nutritious for your health, raises HDL and LDL from oxidation, helps to protect your skin from the harmful rays of sun etc.

Types of Chocolate

If you want to look out for the type of chocolate that which is the best one for your diet then you should look out for the quality ones. The best quality of dark chocolates have usually more than the 70 % of cocoa in them which is great.

More the cocoa less the sugar will be available in the dark chocolate. It is recommended to add the dark chocolate which is rich in cocoa and low in sugar. Keep the chocolate part of healthy diet as it is one of the few foods which is healthy and tasty.