Especially when you are having a long distance relation, you need to come up with different and amazing ways to spend your valentine’s day so that you can make it special for you and for your loved one too. Being honest in this view is that you won’t be getting a day more special than this to celebrate your love and relationship.

If for some time you keep the importance of this day inside and just keeping the importance of your love and your relationship in your mind, you will surely be getting a lot of ideas to give surprise to your loved one and to celebrate this day in the best possible manner one could ever do. So following mentioned are some of the best plans which you can follow on this Valentine’s Day to make it more romantic and fun:

–   Care packages

This is something sweet about giving gifts here you can give each other a box full of varied surprises. There could be several contents in the box which can be homemade backed items, candies, chocolates, or anything which you think your loved one would like to have. Make sure to make the box as much surprising as you can.

–   Romantic dinner

This is most probably the best way to make your valentine eve special to take your loved one on dinner with you. In the situation when you can’t be virtually present at the spot, you can arrange a video call dinner and together can enjoy it without any disruptions. Try to create romantic and peaceful surrounding while doing dinner.

–   Flowers and chocolates

Flowers and chocolates certainly are the best gifts which you can give to anyone ever in your life. This is a gift which makes the person relax and make him happy as well. There could not be an any better idea than sending the flowers and chocolates to your loved one this valentine.

–   Planning a scavenger hunt

This is the idea which definitely would work for the couples who want to do some long detailed planning for this year Valentine. This is the best valentine surprise which you can give to your partner by taking them to a scavenger hunt and letting them find the clues for the rest of the way where you would be guiding them to the most meaningful location and at the end they have to find the gift or the hunt which you have hidden for them.

–   A reunion trip

Most of the times the couples don’t prefer having too much romantic date timings and they want some fun and excitement so to fill this need for excitement, they could think of a reunion party which ultimately would lead to a romantic date night. The things in this idea work simply that you can call your old mutual friends at a party and spend some time with them eating and dancing. Later on, you can enjoy your special time.